How We Accomplish Our Mission

The Fearless Women Network meets regularly and maintains a listserve (that is never publicly shared) on which regular interaction occurs among members.  Through both vehicles, we:

  • Encourage our members to reach for awards, recognition, and opportunities that raise their profiles in the profession, and assist our members in obtaining them;
  • Help our members secure top-notch legal positions;
  • Assist our members in transitioning from positions in which their capabilities are underutilized and undervalued to positions in which their capabilities are both fully utilized and highly valued;
  • Discuss the challenges women and minorities face in the profession;
  • Arm each other with tools to negotiate for fair pay;
  • Share with each other the latest and most significant articles and information relevant to diversity, inclusion, and equality, including about events that may interest members of the group;
  • Connect members with those who may be able to assist them;
  • Strategize solutions for members being marginalized;
  • Brainstorm how to expand the diversity and inclusiveness of the profession, and plan events targeted at effectuating positive change;
  • Inform our members of news impacting or affecting the Fearless Women Network;
  • Report on our members' achievements; and 
  • Help our members attain positions on corporate boards and in coveted organizations.